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Battles Pig Oil 4.5 Litre


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Skin conditioning oil for pigs & for use in horses. For use in a similar way to how we use baby oil!

Pig Oil is a useful, traditional method of controlling mud fever in horses and ponies by helping to create a barrier to wet conditions around the legs and preventing cracked heels.


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Pig Oil also prevents the feathers snapping due to wet & muddy conditions - the 'Bog Burn'. Also lice dislike greasy environments so they are less likely to infest your horses legs

Pig oil is a mineral based oil that includes liquid paraffin.

Pig Oils uses on mud fever and other scabbinesses.
Mix the oil with some sulphur powder. Make it in to a paste of the consistency of custard and massage on to the scabs. In a few days they will be gone. To prevent mud fever, make a very thin mixture and get it right up next to the skin.